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    3D Rendering Services

    3d rendering services are the future of the architecture world. 3D visualization has made an expression of building and construction projects easy. It has introduced efficiency to architect designing. We at AKA construction rely on the significant importance of this technology, thus serving our clients with best 3D rendering designers.

    An overview of 3D rendering services:

    3D rendering or visualization is a process of mechanically translating a 3D frame into a 2D graphic on a computer. By the help of 2D rendering tools, our architecture/ builder in Mohali and Chandigarh can have a foresight of the project development. It helps in better project representation to the client. Enhance efficiency in different projects like rebuilding, extension, remodeling, and new construction.

    With our skilled team of designers, AKA construction has taken the concept of 3D rendering to the next level.

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    Here are certain features that make our 3D rendering designers the best:

    • Our designers have a strong background in Visualization and have experience in Architecture for years. They are skilled in generating high-quality interior design, still graphics and animations.
    • AKA construction’s designers are fully capable of generating models from the sketches, elevations, architectural procedure. Our builders in Mohali are well familiar with related photorealistic rendering techniques.
    • Our team is skilled in operating software like 3D Max, Rhino, SketchUp, Photoshop, Lumina and AutoCAD to serve our clients with the most realistic, natural-looking renderings


    To accomplish satisfactory 3D rendering services AKA Construction builder focus on following job responsibilities:      

    • Our Building contractor in Mohali emphasis on understanding the project needs of the client thus, implement it on graphics generations.
    • We maintain a software library of rendering applications to provide the client with best 3D visual of the project.
    • Our professional team of architecture in Chandigarh study and interpret the generated graphics to know if the project is developing in the right direction.
    • Must serve efficient modeling and convert of data sets from available project information

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    Impacts of 3D visualization:

     Help in having a clear vision of the Future of the project

    • Make the projects management and construction procedure more précised
    • Provide plenty of room for improvement
    • Improve the communication between client and architecture

    We pride in providing flexibility, functionality, efficiency in our every project. Offering our clients with best 3D rendering services in what the whole AKA construction team is aimed at.

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